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Best Swami Vivekananda Quotes For Life,Love,Education In English

There have always been great personalities in this world for us and same is the case when it comes to learning motivation from them. The most dignified personalities in this world teach us many things that we can truly relate and out of them, Swami Vivekananda was one of the dignified persons in this world. That is the reason why we have brought you the best swami vivekananda quotes on life. Out of many dignified and spiritual personalities, the reason

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35+ Short Life Quotes To Keep You Going In English

Life is all about the challenges that we face every now and then and if you too feel a moment in your life where you just aren’t able to do anything, then all you need is something of a motivation and trust us, there is nothing better than short life quotes. The people, mostly youngsters face this issue that they just aren’t able to cope up with the life and everything they expect from it. You, too, might be a

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25+ Short quotes about life & love

Sometimes all you need from life is just something to keep you going as everything around you seem to be killing your soul and you would just want to come out of it. Bad seed apparently. In this time of your life, we know that you need something of a good thing actually and there is nothing better than motivation in your life for sure. Well, for this purpose, we have some of the best quotes about life for you

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Funny Love Quotes for her and Sayings

We know that you already are in love (why else would you be here then?) and if this is the case with you and you just want to do something of a progression with your crush or your bf/gf, then we have some good things for you here. If you are falling for that boy/girl already and what to kick off things really good, then why not to try with some kickass funny love quotes and sayings which would be

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Best inspirational quotes of all time about life

For a long amount of time, many people quite actually have the craze of doing something better than the others and same is the case in every sphere of life. You too would have dreams as such as every person aspires to be the best and successful than the others. But as you know, success doesn’t come easy and everything that you do comes at a cost. As things happen in life, so do the failures. You may be wanting

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