Best Swami Vivekananda Quotes For Life,Love,Education In English

There have always been great personalities in this world for us and same is the case when it comes to learning motivation from them. The most dignified personalities in this world teach us many things that we can truly relate and out of them, Swami Vivekananda was one of the dignified persons in this world. That is the reason why we have brought you the best swami vivekananda quotes on life.

Out of many dignified and spiritual personalities, the reason Swami Vivekananda was one of the best is due to the reason that whatever he spoke, it carried meaning and you could relate it easily with your life. You might just need some of the swami vivekananda quotes on love for even making your love life better by motivation quotes and inspirational quotes on life.

Best swami vivekananda quotes for you

You will have to grow inside out for living a successful life. Nobody else can teach you other than you and for the teacher, your soul is your very own teacher and you have to learn everything yourself.

Think of an idea and believe in it. Dedicate your full body and mindset to that single idea. Believe that this single idea can change your entire life. Dedicate your brain, your heart, soul, body and entire life to that idea and do everything that you can in order to make it more stabilized and implement the same in your life. You must believe in yourself to bring the idea to life and implement it truly.

All the world’s power is in you and you can do anything and everything yourself, do not believe this fact that you are weak and don’t make any excuses. There is never nay shortcut to success. Never believe that you are weak or never believe that you are half crazy lunatics which most of us do in this life. You can do everything yourself and all you need is some proper guidance to be successful in life. Stand up and express the divine nature in you.

In any day of your whole life, if you just don’t come across any problems, then be sure that you are not walking on the right path of life. Mistakes are inevitable and you just have to face them, it is life.

We are what we are and we are what we just want to become. We are whatever we wish ourselves to become and we are what we have the power to make ourselves. Our life is fully dependent on what we think and what we make it. What we are now is the result of all our past actions and this can’t be overruled. And things certainly follow what we wish to become in the future, as to whatever you want to be, you will become in the future. Thus, we must know how to act and do everything for ourselves.

We reap what we sow and we are what we dream ourselves to be. We are mistakes of our own fate and we must admit this fact. The wind is blowing and the vessels whose sails are unfurled catch it and go forward on its way. But trust me, those who have their sails furled, do not catch the way of their destiny. Is it the fault of the wind? No, it is just our destiny and the way we wish to make it. Always remember this thing.

Each work that you are up to and have to do, passes through three important stages which anybody among us has to pass for sure. They are ridicule, opposition and then, finally acceptance. But keeping yourself straight and passing all the three stages completely is the biggest challenge and if you are able to succeed in this process, you will succeed in everything else which lies ahead of you in the coming life. Those who think ahead of their time are surely to be misunderstood.

All the world’s love is expansion and all the selfishness is contraction which you face. Therefore, the only law of our lives is love and nothing else. He who loves is living and he who is selfish, is dying in the process. Therefore, you should love for only love’s sake as there is no other law of life which you have to live in. Just trust this law more than anything in your life.

We are truly something which our thoughts have made us and therefore, if you want to be that one good and one ideal individual, be sure to make your thoughts clear as well as pure, just to help yourself as well as the whole world which you are living in. This is the best law of our lives.

The one true great secret of success which most of us have, of true happiness, is the fact that the man or woman who asks for no return for anything that he or she does, the perfectly unselfish person in every phase of life, is the most successful person and the one who gets everything.

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