Funny Love Quotes for her and Sayings

We know that you already are in love (why else would you be here then?) and if this is the case with you and you just want to do something of a progression with your crush or your bf/gf, then we have some good things for you here.

If you are falling for that boy/girl already and what to kick off things really good, then why not to try with some kickass funny love quotes and sayings which would be the best ones for you at the start of a conversation.

Well, what do you need in a conversation with your crush? A good thing to talk about, a little admiration, some jocularity and in between, some of the best love quotes to direct her towards some of the feelings that you have for her, right?
But still, you are just a human and at every sphere of life, you need some motivation and some help of what you should really do. That is the reason why we have prepared the best and the most funny love quotes for crush which will be of a good help for you if you are finding it hard to begin.

Funny romantic love quotes for couples

You know how it is easier to find the nature of the person who are going to marry? Well, just give them a computer with a slow internet connection and in a while, you will have your answers.

I love being married to my wife because it is the best feeling to annoy somebody. Just kidding, I love my babe.

For instance, if you text somebody the message “I love you” and in reply to that, you get an emoji, trust me no matter what the emoji is, they don’t love you back.

Being a good husband is not as easy as you thing. Being one is like being a stand-up comic. You still need 10 years of experience before you start calling yourself a beginner.

Do you really want to know how it is easier to find who is serious about their relationship? Well, if they introduce you to their families, then he/she truly loves you and are serious about their relations.

It is good to have an extra marital affair after your marriage just because it will make the person more alert and he/she starts fearing of getting caught. Well, on the contrary, you just become lazy and we don’t want you to be lazy.

Love is just like an X-ray. How could we relate? Well it cannot be shown but it is still there and you know it.

I once joked to my wife that she is looking fat than yesterday. I remember that night was truly cold outside.

A woman’s best curve is her smile and we all crave for that. Just kidding, look at those body curves.

Most of the people think that love is in the air. Well, I better hold my breath as I already am married.

People think that after marriage, love only lasts for some six months. I proved them wrong. Mine lasted 6 months and a day more.

Love is just like vitamins as we supplement each other’s minimum daily requirements.

Women only hope that their husbands change after their marriage but they don’t. And men always hope that their wives change after marriage and well, they do.

My wife and I have been married for about 40 years now and never anything has happened when things could reach the point of divorce. Murder, yes, things did reach to murder, but no, never to a divorce.

People who throw kisses at each other are quite lazy. Shut up and shut up those mouths and better, run to each other and kiss each other rather than faking it and being lazier.

Well, I remember that I kissed my first girl and smoked my first cigarette on the same day. Ironically, I haven’t had time for tobacco since that day. Damn.

Before I met my husband, I truly had never fallen into love and that’s a fact. Well on the contrary, I had stepped into it a few times.

Things were going great between us and I loved how things were until I said, “I love you” and right after then, he got this look on his face as if he had taken a wrong turn into a really ugly and bad neighborhood.

I am still finding one such father of a girl who would say, “Here is a blank check, fill as much amount as you want but leave my daughter”.

Who told you that money can’t but love? Just buy a Lamborghini and see how girls run after you.

You know what is the best thing about you and me? Apparently, it is me! 😝

If couples who are in love are called ‘Love Birds’, then I better call the couples who are fighting as ‘Angry Birds’.

Do you know what is kidnapping? It actually is something when you love your partner so much that you want to keep them away from everybody in this world and want to keep them hidden always. Well, that is kidnapping.

Now, women can’t complain about men anymore in their lives until they get a better taste in them.

Eighty percent of married men cheat their wives in America and well, the rest cheat in Europe.

An arranged marriage is better. It still is a surprise how things work out between love marriages. I mean, don’t they get bored?

I remember that once my wife was afraid of the dark until she saw me naked and now, she is afraid of the light.

You know what are the three things women need desperately in their lives? Well, it is: food, water and above all, compliments.

Marriage for me, is really tough just because you will have to deal with lawyers as well as feelings.

If you lover her for more than two years, well, you really are something.

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