35+ Short Life Quotes To Keep You Going In English

Life is all about the challenges that we face every now and then and if you too feel a moment in your life where you just aren’t able to do anything, then all you need is something of a motivation and trust us, there is nothing better than short life quotes.

The people, mostly youngsters face this issue that they just aren’t able to cope up with the life and everything they expect from it. You, too, might be a victim of this criteria and if you need a strong hold on yourself, all we suggest you to go through these best inspirational life quotes.

You too would be looking for the best life quotes and if you just need some motivation to get you going through that hard phase of your life, well, let us provide you some of the short life quotes for motivation.

Cute short quotes about life

We have handpicked these life quotes for you and want you to not only read them but also implement them in your real life.

In your life, take wrong turns. Just talk to a stranger and open all those unmarked doors which you see in the way of life. If you see a group of people in a field, then just go to them and see what they are doing. Always do things in life without even knowing how they will work out and what will happen next.

Life for sure must only be lived forwards but the best way to understand life is only by understanding it backwards.

Life is always beautiful as long as it consumes you to the fullest and when it is thoroughly rushing through you and it is destroying you, life is gorgeous and glorious. It is when you start burning a slow fire and save fuel, that life is not worth having and that life really doesn’t deserve you.

Your life can always be an adventure and you should live your life to the fullest always which is unfretted by fear of all those nasty ghosts and goblins of what might occur to your life. Calamity and death happen well to all those people who hide from their lives as those who just squeeze every drop of zest from it.

Always keep your head high and keep your chin up and above all, keep smiling always as life is a beautiful thing and there is everything beautiful about life and everything that happens to us to smile about. So, be happy and make others happy too.

There honestly are just two ways of living a life. One is just moving with such a thought as if nothing is a miracle and not believing in any miracle and the other way is thinking as if everything is a miracle and living in exactly the same way.

One day, you will be 17 years old and you will be planning for some other day of your life which you are living. And then, quietly, without you ever and even really noticing, that someday will be just today. And that someday was yesterday and this is exactly your life and the way everybody’s life goes in this way.

I recently failed my exam and that too miserably. People all around me were giving me those disappointed faces which bought me down and suddenly, everything seemed so gloomy. Then I went to such a person, my teacher from whom I had learnt everything and he just told me to try as far as I can try. There is absolutely no stopping in this case and if I failed once, it isn’t important that I fail again. Things can change and you just can predict anything as nature is unpredictable.

To be nobody in your life but yourself in a world like this which is always busy in doing its best, all day and night to make you everybody else means to always start fighting the hardest battle of your life which every human being can fight for sure and never stop fighting. This is the virtue of the true life which you live.

If you live an unexamined life, I am sorry, but your life isn’t worth living.

Let us always endeavor so as to live such a life that when we come to die, even the undertaker will be sorry for it.

You may always wish for some bad days to pass ahead which are going on currently in your life, but don’t wish away your days at all, just wait for the better days ahead as the trick is to enjoy life, not being fed up of it.

The purpose of life no matter what and no matter who is controlling it, is to just love and being loved whosoever you love as we all have a goal to love everybody rather than following and spreading hatred.

Whenever you are out, on a plan to do something for a day, never think that the plans will go according to what you have desired. Always expect the contrary of it as it is better to expect the unexpected. The reason to it is that even if you face disappointment in this pan, still you will have to think less and will have the opportunity to have a good comeback.

If being happy in your life with a partner isn’t nice, then tell me what is the definition of nice?

If you think life is better with having a drink in your hand, a person to talk to and watching shows on Netflix, well think again.

Never take life too seriously. You know why? The reason is that everybody dies at the end eventually.

Everybody in this life is a genius, but if you start telling and judging a fish by its ability to start climbing a tree, it would always and for its whole life start thinking and believing that it is stupid.

Always remember the fact that life is short and just break the rules away. Forgive everything and everybody quickly but when it comes to a kiss, take strides slowly. Love truly and love as if you are never going to get it again. Laugh like a crazy person and never forget the person who made you laugh so hard. Never regret on your life and stop being so serious.

I always hope that you are having a life which you truly are proud of. If you still aren’t proud of your life, I hope God gives you the strength to start your life all over again in a way that you want.

The greatest fear people have is that they make a great mistake in life and that mistake is that they continuously think and fear that they will make a mistake in life.

If you don’t start building your dreams, somebody will just hire you and start building their dreams.

Twenty years after today and how you are living, your soul will be more disappointed by the things that you did not do and couldn’t do and so, we must throw off all that ego and sail away from the safe harbor and catch the trade winds in our sails as it is the only way of life.

In this world today, it is only and only your place, it is your life and so, you should go on and do all you can do with your life and not only that but also make it the life you want to live and have always dreamt of right from the beginning of your life.

It not only depends wholly on what you do for your children but also depends on what you have taught them to do for themselves and that is the only thing that will make them successful human beings and worthy to live in this world.

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